Indianapolis Moms Who Teach: Meet Your Finalists


Indianapolis Moms Who Teach finalists

We are thrilled to be able to honor and celebrate the incredible women in our city that have been nominated for our Indianapolis Moms Who Teach campaign. Please read take a moment and read about each one of these amazing moms and let’s celebrate them together.

Meet Your Five Indianapolis Moms Who Teach Finalists:

Jamie Myers – Kindergarten Teacher, Maple Glen Elementary School

Jamie is deserving of this prize because she is at all times thinking of others. She is thinking of how she can help them, how she can connect, how she can make someone feel special. If Jamie won this prize it would allow her to feel that love that those that know her feel every day. Jamie is always putting others first, whether that be her family of her kindergarten friends, for once we’d like to put Jamie on a pedestal and show her how much we love and appreciate her. She would be the first to say no, no please give this to someone else, and that is exactly why Jamie deserves this.

Nominated by Ashley Goldman


Indianapolis Moms Who Teach finalists

Katherine Moll – Social Worker, Theodore Potter School 74

Mrs Moll is a beautiful human, she shows empathy and love to others. She is able to see what are the necessities for her students, always with the right words for support you. You can feel her true feelings. She always is working finding resources for her Spanish speaking parents and students. For many years I felt invisible, and she remembered my family. I am pretty sure more families like mine are very thankful for her during these hard times. 

Nominated by Angelica Diaz + Chelsea H.


Alma Maldonado – First Grade Teacher, Willow Lake Elementary School

The mom that i am nominating is a first generation graduate. She is brave and smart and is always ready to make a change in the world. She is all about people being equal and to strive for the better. Alma is deserving of this prize since she has worked to get to where she is now. She has fought so hard to be where she is today. She is always striving to make a change in the world. Alma is a mother who is all about family and treats her students as if they were her kids.

Nominated by Julie Maldonado 


Indianapolis Moms Who Teach finalists

Morgan Mitchell – 7th Grade Teacher, Indianapolis Public Schools

Morgan is a hard working middle school teacher at IPS with two wonderful kids of her own. They are 3.5 and 5. The five year old has epilepsy and special needs, with dozens of therapy and dr visits a month. During the lockdown/remote teaching in the spring and fall of 2020, Morgan had to teach from home while both of her kids were there too because daycare was closed as well. Not to mention, she became a suedo- physical, speech, and occupational therapist since those appointments all became virtual as well.

Nominated by Chad Mitchell


Jodi Eagles – Fifth Grade Teacher, Spring Mill Elementary School

Jodi has been an incredible teacher for all of the 15 years I’ve worked with her. She always goes beyond what any teacher would do, or can do…for every single student. Jodi makes sure to teach the curriculum she is required to teach, while at the same time teaching advanced and remedial courses to those that need that extra push or support. She does this daily. She has done this yearly. This year, I have had the honor of experiencing her magic first hand as my son was lucky enough to have the Jodi Eagles experience. Even in a crazy year where virtual teaching was was forced upon all teachers, Jodi was never phased. She kept on being the best teacher I’ve ever known.

Nominated by Pat Staubach 


Meet Your Indianapolis Moms Who Teach Nominees

Jessie Rittmeyer – Special Education Teacher, Franklin Township

Jenny Weis – English 9 Teacher, Franklin Township

Lorean Miller – Special Education Teacher, Creekside Middle School

Carter Bell – Music Teacher, George Washington Carver Montessori – IPS 87

Heidi Stan – PE/Health Teacher, Carmel Clay School District

Danica Park – Title I Reading Teacher, Maplewood Elementary School

Sara Abu-Rumman – Literacy Coach with Zionsville schools

Carla Laberman – Wayne Township

Berlin Hughes – 5th Grade Teacher, Fox Hill Elementary School

Carissa Horner – Kindergarten Teacher, Avon Community School Corporation

Erin Manifold – Fifth Grade Science/Math Teacher, Zionsville Schools

Sara Hill – First Grade Teacher, Carmel Clay Schools

Nicole Hester – Director and Teacher, Cooperative Play Academy

Laurie Irwin – Junior High Science Teacher, Franklin Township

Thank you to all who submitted these incredible and dedicated Indianapolis Moms. We are so grateful for your dedication to our schools and families. Be sure to head over to Facebook to vote on our top Indianapolis Moms Who Teach finalists to win our grand prize valued at over $800!