6 Tips for Styling Boys


cash6As Easter approaches, I walk through the store and my eyes are instantly drawn to the beautiful, colorful section of adorable girls’ dresses. Then, if I blink, I miss the tiny section of boys’ clothes. The options for dress clothes are usually khaki pants, a few neutral dress shirts, a brown belt, and if you’re lucky, you might find a hat. That’s it! For us boy moms, it’s easy to pick up that ordinary shirt that every other boy will be wearing, pair it with the khaki pants, and call it a day. Not me. From the moment I got the news that my first was a boy, I decided I was going to make the most of dressing him. And over the past couple of years, I’ve done just that. So for anyone frustrated with the lack of choices they’ve found in boys’ departments, I’m here to help. With Easter Sunday right around the corner, I thought I would share a few tips to help you step outside the box when it comes to toddler and boys’ fashion.

cash-floral-bow-tie1. Patterns are not just for girls. Stripes and plaid are awesome for boys, but so are polka dots, animal print, and just about any other pattern you can think of.

2. Mismatching is not a bad thing. Not every piece has to match perfectly (and, honestly, it looks better if it doesn’t). Don’t be afraid to mix patterns. People are scared of this, but it’s so easy. Whether it’s polkadots on stripes or plaid on plaid, just have fun with it! The one rule to remember is: Choosing two patterns of the same size will look too busy and confusing, so for a cleaner look, make sure that one piece has a chunkier pattern than the other.

3. Don’t be afraid of colors (even the “girly” ones). Want to wear yellow pants and a light pink button up? Go for it! Just throw on a neutral vest unbuttoned to balance it out or a belt or suspenders and roll up the sleeves.

cash 44. Layer! With the weather around here being so unpredictable, layers are important for many reasons. Layers create interest and depth to an otherwise boring look. Got that ordinary dress shirt that everyone else might have? Add a vest, a blazer, or a cardigan over it and suddenly it looks different and more stylish.

5. Take a walk through the girls section. Yes, do it! You’d be surprised as to what you can find that works for boys. A lot of Cash’s pants are from the girls section (his daddy doesn’t know that and neither could anyone else unless I told them). Girls’ pants tend to be a little more tailored and I usually size up for the perfect fit!

6. Most importantly, Accessorize! Details, details, details. This is what sets your look apart from others and lets your child’s personality shine. Would you forget the perfect earrings for the perfect dress that you found for a wedding? I don’t think so! Roll up the sleeves and add a vest or a blazer. Put on a bow tie with suspenders. Not a bow tie person? Unbutton a few top buttons and tuck in one corner of the shirt with a belt. Hanging suspenders can be just as cute if your little guy doesn’t like the suspenders up.

cash3Unexpected details are fun too! Try pairing that dressy outfit (bow tie and all) with some converse shoes or tie in some denim. I love the mix of dressy and casual. It’s fun and it stands out. Or try tight rolling the bottom of the pants to show off some fun socks!

Stylish hair can be the best accessory. Bad hair day? Throw on a hat! And don’t forget your smile and some awesome shades and your set!

Boys fashion doesn’t have to be boring, just have fun with it and be CREATIVE! I hope you all have a fun and fashionable Easter!


cash2Worn by Cash-

The Blazer look:
Blazer: Kardashian Kids (Babies R Us)
Button up: Old Navy
Bow tie: Dearest & Dashing
Khaki Shorts: H&M
suspenders: Roman & Leo
Sandals: Old Navy

Denim Shirt Look:
Denim shirt: H&M
Bow tie: Dearest & Dashing
Orange denim shorts: Gap Kids
Sandals: Old Navy

Golf attire:
Vest: Childrens Place
Button up: Childrens Place
Khaki pants: H&M
Shoes: Converse
Bow tie: Dearest & Dashing (collaboration w/ Lovesick Threads) @shop_dearestanddashing @lovesickthreads

Hair: Ashleigh Ferguson at Honeycomb Studios
Hair Product: @Tangledtantrum

To see more boys’ fashion inspiration, follow Cash on Instagram @dearestanddashing

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Ashleigh was born in Houston, TX and raised in Plainfield, IN, where she now resides with a family of her own. Ashleigh and her husband met at their best friends' wedding and soon after welcomed their son, Cash, who is now two. This summer they will add another little boy to their family. Following high school, Ashleigh attended IUPUI for Interior Design before deciding to pursue her dream career as a hairstylist. After working for eight years in downtown Indy at MDG Salon Studios she decided to move her business part-time locally in Plainfield at Honeycomb Studios so she can spend more time with her children. Ashleigh specializes in wedding and special events hair styling and creative color and cuts. Her passion for crafting and obsession with toddler fashion lead her to open Dearest and Dashing a children's fashion accessories shop on Etsy where she is the owner and designer.