Weighing in on the Holidays


As a mama of 2 boys, the holidays can be exhausting! I love the family time together, the traditions and the food (oh, the glorious food!), but I’m not crazy about the overindulging & totally getting off track with my fitness and the guilt that comes with that. So, I have made the decision to not lose weight nor gain any weight over the holidays. My reasoning? I just want to maintain where I’m at with my fitness and nutrition and enjoy the time and special traditions with my family through the end of the year. I don’t want to go through another holiday season stuffing myself with stuffing, eating all the Christmas cookies, and drinking all the wine (then feeling guilty about it). I also don’t want to lose sleep if I can’t maintain my normal workout schedule due to the crazy holiday season. So, I thought I’d share these strategies that I’m going to be implementing through the holidays in hopes that it will be helpful to you too.
• Drink lots of water before and during your holiday meals. This allows you to feel fuller and allows you to flush your system out so you don’t feel that bloat after 3 helpings of your Aunt Kathy’s sweet potato casserole.
• Know your limits for alcohol consumption. I know for me, I’m good with 2 glasses of wine but more than that and I’m going to really feel lousy the next day (and I’d rather eat than drink all of my calories!)
• Eat the foods that are nostalgic to you & that you can only enjoy during the holidays. Dumplings remind me of my grandma at Thanksgiving and buckeye balls (chocolate dipped peanut butter–yum) reminds me of my mom.
• Don’t let indulging on Thanksgiving Day turn into a full out binge until the New Year!
• Eat large portions of healthier foods (like fruits and veggies) and smaller portions of the not so healthy foods.
• Keep up with your workout routine, but be flexible as you’re traveling and plan ahead. A family walk outside (or by yourself for your own sanity) or a short workout you could do in your own home is better than nothing at all.
• And finally…drop the guilt. Really, just drop it!

So, happy healthy holidays to you! Mama, you’re going to feel amazing.