Summer Lovin’: Love Yourself!


Human nature shows us that sometimes individuals can be their own worst enemies. Individuals look in the mirror and have the innate ability to spot every little detail or “flaw.” We sometimes fail to appreciate, and instead, put ourselves down or keep wishing that “one day” we will look a certain way so we perhaps feel a certain way and can maybe perhaps live better in a certain way. Sigh.

Maybe we don’t have a six-pack, or we do not make as much money as we would like, or we wish we had a nicer car or house or we crave to live by the ocean (but are stuck in never-ending Indiana winters). But, really, is any of this necessarily the key to true happiness?

Moms, especially, beat themselves up. Are they setting good examples and raising their kids as best as possible? Are their children on the right track? Are they, as moms, enough? (By the way, the answer is a resounding “yes”). Sometimes moms also longingly reflect on the pre-baby days, when perhaps skin was a little tighter in certain areas or stretch marks did not seem so prevalent (but hey, mamas, those are tiger stripes you earned), or they had more freedom or the easy peasy lemon squeezie type of life with less responsibility.

Unfortunately, when we keep focusing on the negatives, or the “what ifs” or the lingering notion of “one day,” we pass up the here and now. We sadly bypass the treasures that each day can provide if we keep focusing on how much happier we would be “one day” if only we were richer or skinnier or whatever the case.

I say, choose to be positive. Choose to appreciate each day. Choose and create happiness. Most of all, choose love. Obviously love others, abundantly, but do not forget to love yourself. Love the skin you are in, love the words that come out of your mouth, love the ideas that stem from your brain and absolutely love the impact you have on your children, your friends, your family. You are the only you in this world, and you are unforgettable.

Don’t look in the mirror and seek out ways to put yourself down. Don’t fear something trivial like a summer swimsuit; instead, embrace how it fits your body and let confidence be your biggest asset. Don’t let negative talk consume you.

Maybe you have a new wrinkle, or the number on the scale doesn’t make you happy or you feel unlucky in love or work or life in general; none of this has to be permanent. None of this has to shatter or even slightly overshadow your self-love or self-worth. People that assign value to these things are not people you want to be in your life anyways. And, people that do not see the real you or value your presence in their life certainly do not have a place in your life, either.

Find your heart, find your circle, find your self-love. There is only one you. And your real friends, your real supporters, love you. So be the real you, embrace you, unabashedly love you. Be confident, be reassured and be free from judgment, at least that of your own. And then you will possibly be more open to the positive things in life, and less shackled to the negative thoughts that can often cloud your mood and outlook.

This summer, mamas, let the sunshine kiss your face, and let the breeze on those sizzling hot days bring you moments of joy and relief. And definitely get out there and rock those polka dot swimsuits.