Meet Our Indianapolis Moms: Alicia Noneman


Alicia is a former high school social studies teacher who became a stay-at-home mom when they moved across the country in 2016. They enjoyed their time in Scottsdale but missed the change of seasons and the culture of the Midwest for raising a family. After a few years in the desert, they sometimes discovered you really can go home.

Indianapolis MomsShe and her family moved back into their old neighborhood (literally next door to their old house). Alicia is a wife to her husband Jesse and mother to three kids -Carolyn, Calvin, and Cora. Two golden dogs round out the chaotic blessings of their home. She attended Butler University for her undergrad in Education and has a MA in Political Science from Ball State. She’s a coffee-loving, relationship prioritizing, stress cleaning, Jesus following, Target loving, wine sipping, book reading, podcast obsessing, and athleisure wearing mom in Carmel.

She is passionate about bringing civility back to political discourse, increasing civic engagement, and ensuring all kids have access to quality education. She’s still trying to figure out her next step as her children continue to grow (despite her insistence, they don’t have to grow up). In the meantime, she’s trying her best to be present at the moment and enjoying the ability to be home with her family because she knows time is a thief and babies don’t keep. 


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