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Indianapolis Moms Quarantine Playlist

Music is good for the soul. Really–there is science behind it! According to Psychology Today, “Study after study has found that music has a positive effect on a broad range of physical and psychological conditions including anxiety and depression.” I don’t know about you, but this pandemic has made me feel a bit anxious, and I may have […]

Our First Year in the AU Pair Program: The Good and the Bad

Almost exactly 1 year ago I was in childcare hell. Our nanny, from a nanny service, had called out sick, or with a flat tire, or an emergency, or whatever the excuse was that particular day. So we got a different nanny…same deal. We strongly preferred a nanny but I would’ve been open to part-time […]

Can’t Touch This

Consent. Quite possibly, one of the biggest buzz words of our time. It strikes a thorn in every grandparent’s side and makes mothers cringe every time their child is forced to hug Uncle Biff. Hugging is no longer mandatory at the end of a visit, and older generations are confused as to why. Unfortunately, times […]

Our Bedtime Routine is Lengthy and That’s Okay

My two-year-old daughter was recently at the doctor for a checkup, and it came up that we lay down with her each night until she falls asleep. Her physician – with the best of intentions, started talking about some tips to get her to go to sleep on her own and commented that we wouldn’t […]

I Will Pass on the Mommy Juice

I’m an alcoholic. It’s really not that hard to say, and it does get easier every time I say it. Sometimes I add “recovering” in front of it to smooth out the harshness of the word and all its baggage because I have been sober since May 9, 2015, but really I should say I’m in […]

What Horses and Young Children Have in Common, and How it Shaped My Parenting

No doubt, horses are majestic creatures. Do you know who else is majestic? My two-year-old. I find him exceptionally majestic when he flys out the back door, pant-less as my pregnant self runs him down in front of all of the neighbors. All kidding aside, young children and horses share many similarities, and by identifying […]

Raising Kids Who Know How to Be Disappointed

The other day I heard a mom negotiating with her middle school-aged child. Her daughter was visibly upset and disappointed about missing out on an opportunity. The mom scrambled to calm her down as she became more and more distressed. She began to negotiate and offer alternative, tangible items to make up for the disappointment, […]

Indianapolis Moms Neighborhood Egg Hunt

Indianapolis area families may not be able to attend some of our favorite egg hunts this spring, which is why the Indianapolis Moms team had an idea – but we need your help! We can still go on an egg hunt with the help of our friends in our neighborhoods AND still practice social distancing. […]

52 Must Watch TV Binges for Your List

As we hunker down and prepare for a long road ahead of us, it’s also important to remember to take time for YOU. Sometimes that means snuggling into the couch with a blanket, glass of wine or cup of tea and getting lost in the fictional lives of families on TV. But often times we […]

Tips from a Pediatrician: Keeping Your Family Healthy

This post is sponsored by Hancock Health.

Leaning All The Way In

I thought when I birthed my first child that that was the hardest thing I’d ever have to do. Boy was I wrong. Marriage is the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do. Dating is so fun and exciting and new. Planning the wedding was a cakewalk; pun intended. After our first child was born […]

The Truth About Teachers

Teacher Appreciation Day is not for another couple of months, but why should we limit appreciating teachers to only one day out of the entire year? Let’s think about teachers and why they deserve all the appreciation, we can give them.        Somehow, I’ve surrounded myself with a lot of teachers in my life. My mom […]

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