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Happy Donut Day! On the first Friday of June, we all scream for donuts in honor of this sweet holiday! Donut Day was first celebrated in 1938 as a way to commemorate Salvation Army volunteers who provided donuts to those serving in World War I and II. In the spirit of this tasty holiday, we have rounded up some of our favorite local places to grab some donuts in Indianapolis.

Titus Bakery

Titus bakery

Titus Bakery and Deli has two locations – one in Westfield and one in Lebanon. Regardless of which one you choose, you will definitely get a taste of their amazing donuts and treats. And while you’re at it, grab some lunch there too!

Rebellion Doughnuts

Rebellion Doughnuts is another unique business that serves their from-scratch doughnuts with a variety of traditional and fun flavors, as well as other items, including gelato and sandwiches. Located just off of State Road 37 in Noblesville, Rebellion Doughnuts is the perfect pit stop for your donut cravings.

Longs Bakery

We’re just going to be honest with you, if you have not indulged in a warm, fresh Longs donut, you need to fix that ASAP. Longs also makes other delicious baked goods like cakes and cookies, but the donuts are life, mamas.

General American Donut Company

The donuts at General American Donut Company are made fresh every morning using the finest ingredients and sold the very same day. Handcrafted with no preservatives – these donuts are delightfully delicious for everyone’s tastebuds. 

The Dancing Donut

A partner of the delicious Flying Cupcake, The Dancing Donut makes all their donuts from scratch and are fresh and ready for you bright and early each morning. Located on east 54th Street, their donuts are just as tasty as the cupcakes at their sister bakeries. 

**Note Friday, June 7th, 2020 will be the last day of operation for The Dancing Donut. #supportlocal

Indy Dough

Indy Dough is a pop-up artisan doughnut shop in the Indianapolis area. Follow them on Instagram so you know where you can catch them at their next pop-up for some of their delicious treats!

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