Tip of the Month: Identifying Lip and Tongue Ties in Your Children

Disclosure: This post is in part of a partnership with Children's Dental Center.

lip and tongue ties

Did you know that lip-ties and tongue-ties are fairly common physical impairments that affect the mouth? A lip-tie is when the upper lip cannot curl or move normally and a tongue-tie (also known as ankyloglossia) limits the use and movement of the tongue. There are several symptoms that parents can look for that may be caused by a lip and/or tongue tie:

  • Nursing difficulties (mom may experience pain with nursing)
  • Failure to gain weight
  • Speech difficulties and/or speech delay
  • Slow and very picky eating
  • Restless sleep
  • Dental issues
  • Attention and hyperactivity issues as a result of poor sleep quality

To make a proper diagnosis, the symptoms and functional issues are more important than the appearance of a lip or tongue tie. Luckily the experts at the Children’s Dental Center can help! After a consultation, Dr. Michelle and her professional team can perform a frenectomy to release a lip- or tongue-tie. A frenectomy will correct the irregular frenum and provide the child or adult with the ability to move their lips and/or tongue in a healthy and proper functioning manner.

Contact Dr. Michelle at Children’s Dental Center for a FREE Lip and Tongue Tie Consultation! Visit their website and give them a call at (317) 842-8453 to schedule your consultation.