Rising Above Faking and Flaking

I think we can all agree that “flaking,” a.k.a. bailing, canceling or postponing plans with others (or even worse, ghosting), is pretty standard these days. A lot of us can and should do better about not only making plans, which is the easy part but at keeping them. We can all be more selective with […]

Love is NOT All You Need When Raising Your Spirited Child

Lately, I have been thinking a lot about love–the types of love, our love languages, and all of the love in my life. While I feel an overwhelming sense of gratitude, I also have a heavy heart knowing love is not all you need.  As my oldest child’s birthday approaches, I am feeling increasingly anxious. […]

They Say Kids Grow Up Fast

They say kids grow up fast – that you’ll blink and your kids will be grown. I reflect on that a lot. You may have noticed if you read my other posts. I often stop to reflect on small moments, little wins, times of peace, or love I never want to lose. Writing down those […]

Five Things You’ll Miss About the Newborn Phase the Second Time Around

Having a new baby is HARD work, especially when it is your first child and you’re trying to figure everything out. Once you get into a groove, though, there are a few perks. The problem is, you usually don’t appreciate these things until you bring home your second baby and realize that they no longer exist. New […]

Making Peace with the Middle

I have always been one of those “can’t wait for the next thing” type of people. I couldn’t wait to graduate. I couldn’t wait to get married. Then…you guessed it. I couldn’t wait to become a mom. My husband and I had a wonderful whirlwind relationship where within just a few years we met, were […]

The Mama Masks We Wear

I’ve never been a fan of masks. Sadly, I own many and wear them often.  Sometimes I put on my happy mask, my favorite! Why? That’s easy, it keeps people at a safe distance. In reality, I may be genuinely happy or “stuffing” my emotions to avoid any form of emotional pain. My scary mask […]

Our Birth Story: Her Birthday and My Entrance into Motherhood

As a first time mother, I was counting down the days to my daughter’s first birthday. It was an emotional time for me. I went down memory lane of everything, reliving the moments leading up to the day. But, for some reason, I didn’t want the day to come. Was this part of motherhood? As […]

The Ice Cream Pantry Challenge: Three Simple Recipes You Have at Home


Disclosure: This post is in part of a collaboration with Hudsonville Ice Cream.

Welcome Harry and Meghan! {The Former Royals are Moving to the Midwest}

Today marks a new day for both Prince Harry and Meghan Markle as they officially exited their royal roles yesterday on March 31. Recently the pair had been spending time with friends in Canada. After their last royal engagement, the family escaped to a quiet compound in the Los Angeles area and have been strictly […]

Indianapolis Moms Quarantine Playlist

Music is good for the soul. Really–there is science behind it! According to Psychology Today, “Study after study has found that music has a positive effect on a broad range of physical and psychological conditions including anxiety and depression.” I don’t know about you, but this pandemic has made me feel a bit anxious, and I may have […]

Our First Year in the AU Pair Program: The Good and the Bad

Almost exactly 1 year ago I was in childcare hell. Our nanny, from a nanny service, had called out sick, or with a flat tire, or an emergency, or whatever the excuse was that particular day. So we got a different nanny…same deal. We strongly preferred a nanny but I would’ve been open to part-time […]

Can’t Touch This

Consent. Quite possibly, one of the biggest buzz words of our time. It strikes a thorn in every grandparent’s side and makes mothers cringe every time their child is forced to hug Uncle Biff. Hugging is no longer mandatory at the end of a visit, and older generations are confused as to why. Unfortunately, times […]

Our Bedtime Routine is Lengthy and That’s Okay

My two-year-old daughter was recently at the doctor for a checkup, and it came up that we lay down with her each night until she falls asleep. Her physician – with the best of intentions, started talking about some tips to get her to go to sleep on her own and commented that we wouldn’t […]

I Will Pass on the Mommy Juice

I’m an alcoholic. It’s really not that hard to say, and it does get easier every time I say it. Sometimes I add “recovering” in front of it to smooth out the harshness of the word and all its baggage because I have been sober since May 9, 2015, but really I should say I’m in […]

In + Around Indy

Welcome Harry and Meghan! {The Former Royals are Moving to the...

Today marks a new day for both Prince Harry and Meghan Markle as they officially exited their royal roles yesterday on March 31. Recently...

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