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A sports marketing executive for nearly 15 years, Brookshire is currently the Vice President for Marketing and Community Relations for Sky Zone Parks in Indianapolis. Developing and managing marketing campaigns for NASCAR, Ford Racing, USA Swimming and USA Track & Field have provided Brookshire with a unique portfolio that has heavily emphasized community outreach and partnership management. In her role at Sky Zone, Brookshire oversees marketing, public relations, social media, special events, communications, partner relations and sales. A graduate of Central Michigan University, Brookshire has lived in Indiana for seven years. She currently resides in Lawrence with her husband and three daughters.
summer bucket list

Indianapolis Summer Family Bucket List

School is almost out and the weather is finally beginning to warm up in Indiana. With a family of three children ranging from 19 months to 12 years old, we have an extensive bucket...

My 18 Month Old and The “N” Word

I cannot be the only parent who has to deal with their child continuously repeating a word or phrase they have heard their parent say! I didn’t realize that a child of only 18...

I Gave Up Daycare for Spanish – Let’s See How This Goes

I struggled with the decision of keeping my baby in daycare or seeking out alternative care. First let me say how much I adore our current daycare. They have shown my baby so much...

To Kneel or Not to Kneel

I wish people were able to come together to have the same level of conversation about race in America and other sensitive subjects the way we have them in our household. It is not that...
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