My 30-Day Challenge of [Torture] to be a “Pinterest Mom”

"Pinterest Mom." Isn't that what all moms long to be? After dealing with the winter blues and spending a few too many days cooped up inside, avoiding the latest sickness going around, I decided...

Winter Blues: Mixing Up Playtime

So, the holiday season has now passed, which means your kids are already bored with their brand new toys they received in December. Yeah, your heart was in the right place, thinking they would...

Experiences Vs. Junk: Non-Traditional Ideas for Holiday Shopping

It’s the day after Thanksgiving. You still have gravy on your shirt and you’re recovering from your turkey coma. But guess what? No time to snooze, Black Friday deals are happening!  You rush out...

Planning a First Birthday: Open House Style

You’ve waited 365 days to plan the perfect Pinterest-worthly birthday party for your little one. You start checking off all of the must-have items to make sure the day is a complete success: decor, food,...

Second Baby Amnesia: How Did I Forget Everything?

“An Elephant Never Forgets,” well then I am officially calling it that an elephant is a better mom than I am...at least when it comes to memory.   743 days have passed from Baby #1 to...

The Dark Side of Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding. Yes, it has extreme benefits.  From nutrition to bonding, I wouldn’t trade my experiences with my boys for anything. But is there a darker side to breastfeeding? It has its stressors, especially in the first...

Support Systems: Quality Vs. Quantity

So, as I sit here and type this, currently in Trimester #4.  During this time, as many of you know, it is filled with ups and downs. Trying to figure out not only how...

Spring Babies Rock! 5 Reasons to Have a Spring Baby

Many couples have the luxury of choosing when they want their baby to be born. Those lucky fertile women that can family plan and surprisingly women like me with fertility issues can have that...

Infertility Awareness: Behind the Scenes

National Infertility Awareness Week is April 21st-29th. Many people are unaware of this awareness week due to the lack of openness many people have about this private topic. To fully appreciate and understand this...

Save Your Relationship: Schedule Date Nights

A loud toddler, hitting his fork numerous times on the table, while actively avoiding the dinner you carefully selected and cooked for him when deep down he and you both wished you had just...

Things You Should NOT Say to Women Without Children

As a person who went through fertility struggles, I have literally heard it all when it comes to others’ opinions on why my husband and I didn’t have children yet. The minute you put...

Learning to Say ‘No’

After going on a beautiful, sunny vacation with my family for a week, I realized how much I desire a slower pace of life. We were busy, but our vacations, in general, have limited...

Saying Goodbye to the Pacifier

I remember my son’s doctor talking to us at his 6-month appointment about when we planned on getting rid of his pacifier, as her preference would be around 1 year.  I remember thinking this...
pregnancy announcement

Why I Chose Not to Announce My Pregnancy on Social Media

The stick turning pink or in my case, the phone call from the nurse telling me I was pregnant after 2 long years of trying, was one of the happiest moments of my life....
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