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8 Tasks that Should Qualify Moms for a Gold Medal

Gold medal motivated moms have been headlining the news this year, especially when it came to the breastfeeding battles they endured. Although these mothers deserve all the credit, I thought really the average mom...

The 2020-2021 School Year: A Letter to Parents From Teachers

Seriously, a school year for the history books. From a parent’s perspective of sending their young child into a building with 700+ other people during a national pandemic, most of them being ones that...

How Motherhood Has Changed Over the Generations

Generations and generations of mothers come and go, but do we spend enough time learning from those moms before us who have paved the way to motherhood? The past year has been a reflective...

Earth Day: Creating Something Out of Nothing

It’s Earth Day! Instead of going out and spending more money on toys, games, and activities for your kids, why not save your money and the earth by using items in your own house...

Take a Virtual Vacation This Spring or Summer

A vacation this spring or summer sounds pretty amazing, doesn’t it?  Before you open up another tab to start searching beach Airbnbs, let me throw out an alternative. This option doesn’t have screaming kids...

Building an Emergency Quarantine Play Box

Oh cool. Another day inside because these Midwest winters are the worst.  We have been inside now for what seems like 42 days straight. I am all about toughing the snowy winter days, but...

Incorporating Purposeful Kindness and Positivity into the New Year

The small moments. That’s what many of us remember when thinking about childhood memories, weddings, childbirth, or even a funeral. We think of small memories in that moment and we hold onto them. Have...

Dear Mommy, Please Put Down Your Phone

Dear Mommy, Please put down your phone. I miss you. You are sitting right next to me on the couch right now, but I miss you. I miss our time playing, pretending to put out...

I Model Bad Behavior in Front of My Kids

It’s true. I model bad behavior in front of my kids. And before you choose to start judging me, I have my reasons, so listen up! When making an honest mistake, like getting annoyed...

33: The Year of Me

I remember when 33 sounded “so old” when I assumed people were just boring old married couples with lots of kids running around. Little did I know, 33 would be the year that I...

How Giving My Toddler Choices Eliminated Meltdowns

Terrible Twos. Threenager. Fournado. There is a reason people use these terms about their 2-4 year olds; raising a toddler isn’t easy.  After many years of professional development for being an elementary school teacher,...

The Key to Road Trip Survival with Kids

Let me throw out some numbers from our last family road trip to see if you think my husband and I survived. 1 three-month-old 1 two year old 1 set of parents 1 midsize SUV 1 car top...

Meet Our Indianapolis Moms: Sarah Becker

Hi, Indy Moms! I’m Sarah, and I have been loving my experience of writing for Indianapolis Moms for the last two years. Growing up a small-town girl (only 40-something in my graduating class), My...

Tidying Up: Our Family’s 10-Minute Rule

Are you finished with your spring cleaning? Yeah, me neither. Dishes are piling up. Dust is accumulating around picture frames on shelves. The playroom is overfilling with broken toys and junk that you need to go...
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