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Rachel Yanan


My Top 5 Books in 2021…So Far

In January, I set a goal for myself to read 52 books in 2021. I even wrote a post about my favorite books in March, detailing the books on my nightstand. It started as...

Grief and Sesame Street: How Elmo Helped Me Help My Toddler

If grief could be summed up in a single word, that word would be 'heavy.' It has been a heavy week. Actually? It's been a heavy month. We buried my Granny. We put our beloved Husky down. Heartbreak...

Lake Michigan: A Reflection

The water lapped against my skin as I sat on the warm sand. Finally-we were on vacation. I saw my husband lift our nearly three-year-old into the air, hearing his laughter radiate across sunfilled...

All Birth Is Natural

So I have a question. When did society dictate how our birth experience is perceived? Since when do those who give birth unmedicated earn a gold star while those that choose to get an epidural...

You Are Worthy

I think I’ve written, erased, and rewritten this a million times.  How do you tell a story without causing pain to the people involved but also share what you learned from it? How do you...

The Book Stack on My Nightstand

March is National Reading Month and if I'm being honest, reading is one of my favorite guilty pleasures. Studies have shown that children who are read to do better with comprehension and school studies-the...

Thirteen Approaches To a Vegan Diet Resolution From a Vegan

The new year is typically full of resolutions; we have the best intentions when it comes to creating new habits, accomplishing goals, or simply taking better care of ourselves. I am the first to...

A Lesson Found in the Cheeto Dust

Hi Mama. Your kiddo doesn’t like vegetables either? Welcome to the club. My son, Ollie, is two and despite my husband and my best efforts? He doesn’t like vegetables unless they are in the form of...
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