Paige Vauter

Paige is a wife, mom, and technology professional. She is a central Indiana native and now resides in Westfield with her husband, son, and daughter. She runs on chai lattes and to do lists, and lives for cold weather, good books, and attempting to organize the chaos of this beautiful thing called motherhood. While not behind a computer working, she and her husband can often be found outside, walking their two dogs or chasing their 2 little ones around the yard.

Halloween and Fall Activities for Little Hands

We've finished our breakfast, changed out of PJs, and thrown on our coats. I slide the back door open, and the kids and dogs go running, like we've been trapped indoors for weeks, and...

Building Memories That Span Generations

On a random day, some 20+ days ago, a boy sat on the floor of his toy room surrounded by bins filled with color-sorted LEGO blocks. Of course, there were also bins for "extra"...

The Need to Wean

I decided to wean at 2:00 AM. At 1:00 AM, I woke up in a fit of chills; blankets pulled tight around me while the stabbing pain of the fourth bout of mastitis ripped...

Finding Self Worth And Baking My Cake

I should warn you; this post is not, in fact, about baking a cake… sorry, but I feel like I should get that out there. Now, what this post is about is finding your...
summer fun

Kicking Off the Summer Sweet

Summer time is a season we welcome with open arms around here. It means we've made it through all 7 of Indiana's spring and winter phases and can finally enjoy all that summer time...

Meet Our Indianapolis Moms: Paige Vauter

Hi, Indy moms! I'm Paige! I live in Westfield with my husband George, our two little ones, Lucas and Madelyn, and our two dogs. I live off my to-do lists (even if they are...

The Pandemic Has Made Us All a Little More Human – Confessions From a...

There will be a time - though it feels too far away to grasp - that this current situation will all be over. We will not be stuck in our homes, unable to travel,...

They Say Kids Grow Up Fast

They say kids grow up fast - that you'll blink and your kids will be grown. I reflect on that a lot. You may have noticed if you read my other posts. I often...

Pyrex and Snail Mail – Loving Your Mom Friends

I’m walking the halls of our house, following a loop through the kitchen, family room, passed the office, down the hall, across the entryway, and back to the kitchen. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat again. I’m...

New Year Perspective from the Aisles of the Craft Store

Every once in a while, you bump into someone or something that makes you pause. It shakes you out of your current train of thought and sort of smacks you in the face. Some...
mom heart

Mom Brain, Mom Heart

I hate those comments about how everything’s different after you have kids. “Kids change everything!” “Nothing will ever be the same!” “Oh, *that random thing* will never happen again once you have kids.” Those...
couple with candle

The M Word

“It happens to about 1 in every 5 pregnancies, so if you know anyone with 2, 3, or 4 kids, chances are they’ve experienced it. We just don’t talk about it.” I was standing in...
I Just Met You

Baby Girl, I Just Met You

Have you seen the viral video of the latest Michael Buble song? If you haven't, grab the tissues. Know that you've been warned. If you're strong enough to hold out, just don't watch it....
summer chalk drawing

Letting Go of Summer

I sit on the sun-drenched chair, shielding my eyes with my hand. Water droplets run down the side of my glass, splashing onto the pavement. I breathe it all in. These are the moments...
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