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A native of Northwest Indiana, Molly lives in Indianapolis where her professional days are spent navigating the world of government and communications. In 2014, Molly married Tim and became a stepmom to his two adorable, internationally adopted kids: Ana, age 10, and Yoseph, age 8. Molly blogs about her adventures as a new stepmom at StepMolly.com and facebook.com/StepMolly. Their family recently expanded by one with the birth of a biological baby, Harry. Molly is passionate about clean closets, Academy Award-nominated movies, and celebrating Christmas.

FOMO and the Christmas Calendar

I love Christmas. I love snow. I love predictable Christmas movies. I believe that Starbucks coffee tastes better in their much-anticipated holiday patterned cups. As a stepmom and now a biological mom of a...

When Motherhood Changes You

Like most Type A people, I pride myself on my high standards. When I found out I was pregnant, I assured friends and family that having a baby wouldn't change me. I was determined...
support post-partum

When It Takes a Village: Post-Partum Love

I’ve never been a big believer in the whole “it takes a village” concept. Maybe it’s because I was a very republican high school sophomore when Hillary Clinton first made the phrase popular in...

Identity in Marriage and Motherhood: Name Change

Some topics elicit strong reactions from people. I have found that among women, one of these topics is what you do with your last name after you marry. When I married for the first time...

How Kids Compartmentalize: Toys for Mom’s House, Toys for Your House

Two households, both alike in dignity. Two households, with two different sets of rules and expectations. Two households, both trying to do what's best for the two kids who split their time between them. They...

Pregnancy Regressions: When Being Pregnant is Like Being a Child

Ah, the miracle of childbirth. With this, my first pregnancy, I have learned many things. As I reflect on some of those things, I realize there is a common thread. I'm basically behaving like...

Our Gift-Giving Makeover

I love gifts. I love choosing, wrapping, and giving gifts. I also love receiving gifts. If you follow the book The Five Love Languages, you will understand that gift-giving is the primary way I...

An Apology from a Formerly Single Woman

Dear Women I Knew and Judged Before I Became Married with Children:   I am sorry. I judged you.    Now that I have traded my days of single womanhood for married with children and one on the...

Who’s on First?

We recently shared the news with friends and family that we expecting a baby, expanding our family to five (six, if you count the dog). The addition of a biological baby to our family...

Finding the Unexpected in Fort Wayne

Nearly 20 years ago, I moved to a small town in northeast Indiana to attend a small, Christian liberal arts school. I quickly learned my way around the city of Fort Wayne, as it...

Destination Disney: Before You Go, You Should Know

An avid Disney fan before there were children in my life to justify a trip to the theme parks, I have spent a lot of time reading various Disney articles and tips. As I...

All Work and No Play

One of my sisters penned a thoughtful post on Mother’s Day, intending to recognize that the three of us sisters may parent in different ways, but we are all raising great kids and should...

Blended Families: To Mom or Not to Mom…

Once upon a time I was a proudly single, childless woman, living the dream in my downtown Indianapolis apartment. Then I met this charming, laid-back, handsome man named Tim whose passion for life was...
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