I’ve Got ALL of This and Don’t Need Your Help

Realizing you are just one person As women, we try to do everything and take all the worry off of everyone else. Then we become moms and that sense goes into hyperdrive. Some of us...

Passing Down Work Ethic to our Children

Up early for work early on a Sunday morning, it was still dark outside, I stopped into a gas station for coffee. Three high school boys walked in a few moments before I did....

Dealing with After School Restraint Collapse, Daily

The everyday collapse Collapse, I don’t know if it’s her or me who is collapsing most afternoons due to all the attitude she brings home daily. I had never heard of the after school restraint...
Last Summer Before Kindergarten

The Pressure of the Last Summer Before Kindergarten

The last Summer before kindergarten It was the last summer before KINDERGARTEN. My daughter has gone to pre-school since she was just a few months old. Most days she was the first to be dropped...

How to Enjoy Cooking with Your Children

My daughter loves to put on her apron and “help” me cook. My problem is I get so anxious. The stove is on. Did she pick her nose and touch that? That stuff will...

Paying it Forward this Mother’s Day

Paying it Forward this Mother’s Day As mothers we have an inherent desire to give and take care of others. We give of ourselves before we take care of ourselves. Our emotional tanks are probably...

Toddlers and Divorce

Dealing with missing their Dad and siblings My daughter is five and we are a divorced family with a new wonderful man in our lives. I’m learning how to respond when she begins asking questions...

Cube life – It’s not for this Momma

Padded walls and straight jackets There is more to life than starring at these semi-padded walls. Are they padded for a reason? The padded walls are decorated to block the reality. Reality is you’re a...

Can I run again as a Mom?

Five years ago, I became a mom.  A single mom. True meaning of what I am supposed to do was brought into my life. But before becoming a mom, I was a runner. I...
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