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Megan Montague


Pet Remembrance Day: A (Long) Ode to Bud

Please join me in spending this Pet Remembrance Day in reflection of all the furry souls who have touched our hearts. I fell down the rabbit hole of animal rescue about six years ago...

Adventures of an Airbnb Host Family

Admittedly, I’d only stayed in an Airbnb once before I stumbled my way into being an Airbnb host. After a whopping 425 loads of Airbnb laundry in 2020 alone, I think I’m allowed to...

Unconventional Spring Cleaning

“Let go of that which no longer serves you.”  I’ve always been terrible at heeding this advice. After all, I do still possess several Forever21 sparkly shirts that I wore as dresses back in my...
pandemic winter with a toddler

Four Ideas for Thriving Through a Pandemic Winter with a Toddler

When COVID lockdown started in March of 2020, managing an 8-month-old while working from home seemed like a breeze. Spring was starting to pop up in Indianapolis, and the cabin fever felt so….temporary. (I...

Unpopular Opinion: My Lack of Infatuation with the Newborn Stage

My son had barely taken his first breath before it started… ”Don’t you just LOVE newborns?” “The newborn phase is the *best*!” While I’ve loved my son in an amount that can only be quantified as “infinite”...
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