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Love After Death: A Covid Love Story

Love and pandemic are not two words that naturally go together. One gives you butterflies, the other makes you want to cry, but in my crazy world, they go together like rosé and Bravo. Like...

My Top Five of 2020

I am admittedly a cynic at my black heart. Not really empathetic and I feel my bluntness is more honest and less glass have full, so a list of positivity is sort of out...

Meet Our Indianapolis Moms: Megan Federer

Hey ladies, I'm Megan, the blonde widow with a sailor's mouth. I'm born a proud Indiana Hoosier and bonafide city girl. Growing up I couldn't wait to escape the small town I was raised in...

My Beachbody Review

Disclaimer: this review of Beachbody does not include a measurement of my body weight or a before and after photo. I am way too vain for that.  As all basic women do, I decided to...

Let’s Hear It for the Girls

It is the day after the girl icon, Ruther Bader Ginsburg, passed away. Ever since I chose to write about International Day of the Girl, I struggled with what I wanted to say. As...

Staying Positive During E-Learning

First off, I'd just like to say to all the people who do know me, I too am surprised that I'm writing this piece. The unicorn and rainbow life is so not me, I...

I Flew to Florida During Covid: A Survivor’s Story

First off, before you judge, please read the story before you go all Karen on me.  With that said, here's the story about a momma that took her daughter to Florida amidst the pandemic. Gasp.  To...

I Am Not the Fun Mom and I Don’t Care

There are two kinds of moms in this world, the fun ones, and the not fun ones. A few weeks ago I came to the realization that I am of the latter. Let me...

A Daddyless Father’s Day

While most of you are selecting the perfect card or figuring out what the heck to get the dads in your life, I'm over here still trying to figure out how to do Father's...

Go Gray in May

Going gray is what many women try to avoid, but this month, I need you to incorporate a little more of this neutral into your quarantine chic wardrobe because it's Brain Tumor Awareness Month. Before...

The Tao of E-School

Never in a million years did any of us think we'd be working from home and teaching our kids, but here we are. This is 2020 (said in my best Barbara Walters voice). As an...

Can’t Touch This

Consent. Quite possibly, one of the biggest buzz words of our time. It strikes a thorn in every grandparent's side and makes mothers cringe every time their child is forced to hug Uncle Biff....
love yourself

Hey Girl, Love Yourself

Valentine's Day is over. Whether you're extra and made homemade, gluten-free Valentine's for your kids class or took the easy route and grabbed some from the dollar section at Target, you slayed. I'm sure...

Good Grief, Here Come the Holidays

The holidays are stressful for everyone. All the things need to be done, people are biding for your time, there are too many of other people's kids, and not near enough wine. It's exhausting,...
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