Marianne is originally a small town Indiana girl, but has been living in Indianapolis since attending Butler University. Marianne and her husband are high-school sweethearts, and their family has now grown to include two children and two fur babies. Marianne is a Pharmaceutical Marketer by day and is openly addicted to Target, iced coffee, HGTV, & Amazon Prime. You can always find her with a drink or snack in hand!

Delivery Services While Social Distancing

With the growing concerns of COVID-19, most of us are opting to stay at home to decrease our chances of catching the virus. Since many of us didn’t have the chance to doomsday prep...

You Can’t Spoil a Baby

"You can't spoil a baby." With my first child, I learned this from friends, family, and books alike. At the time, though, it felt more like a reassurance that everything I was doing to...
maternity leave

My Next Short-Term Assignment: Stay-at-Home Mom

I’ve been working since I turned 16. Not because I needed to, necessarily, but because I enjoy it! (Plus, the discount at Delia*s was totally worth it!) Now, marriage, 2 dogs, 2 kids, and...
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