Liz Wertz

Liz lives with her husband, daughter and black lab in downtown Indianapolis. She splits her time being a stay-at-home mom to a toddler and working part-time. Liz enjoys growing vegetables, yoga, going out to eat, being sarcastic and reality tv.

Five Things I Wish I Could Tell My Younger Self

If you’re anything like me, the COVID pandemic has caused my family to be more homebound than normal. While this new normal has presented many challenges (read: sharing space with your 4-year-old, newborn and...
vegetable stir fry

What’s Cooking Wednesday: Vegetarian Stir Fry

My favorite hobby of all time is going out to eat! (That can be a hobby, right?!) So, COVID has put me in a major funk. We haven’t been to a restaurant since March....
simple fish tacos

What’s Cooking Wednesday: Simple Fish Tacos

Want a quick, easy and healthy taco recipe? Fish tacos and rice are a staple in our house. 1.The night before, thaw frozen fish filets in your fridge. We love to use cod and use...
impossible burger slider

What’s Cooking Wednesday: Impossible Burger Sliders

My husband is a vegetarian (so me and the kids are vegs by proxy when we eat at home) and I’ve been dying to get my hands on Impossible Burger forever. Seriously! I’ve added...

Self-Care Through the Five Minute Journal

Journaling helps me combat the constant chaos that fills my brain. But, I’m also the queen of excuses… “I don’t have enough time to REALLY journal.” “Nothing ‘worthy’ happened today, I either need to...

Communication in a Pandemic World

Indiana is opening up. Many school districts are welcoming students for in-person classes, gyms and fitness centers are moving away from only virtual options and restaurants are seeing more diners opt for indoor seating...

Growing Pains: Becoming a Big Sister

As I was nursing my newborn and trying to put him down for an afternoon nap, I heard my toddler daughter (3.5 years old) doing one of her favorite activities: singing a song she...

Sourdough Bread Baking 101

As we enter month five of quarantine, I've finally jumped on the trend: sourdough baking. I've always been interested in learning how to make sourdough bread because 1) carbs are life, 2) crusty loaves...

It’s Okay to Feel Down

Can I just vent with you all for a second? My life has not been going as planned recently… Just before the holidays, the new CEO of my nonprofit let me know my position would...

House Renovation: Part 1–We’re Moving In with my In-Laws

It all started last spring. My next-door neighbor sold his house, in about a week, for (IMO) an insane amount of money. I live just north of downtown in a neighborhood called Fall Creek...

::Heart of IMB – Non-Profit Spotlight:: Keep Indianapolis Beautiful

The beginning of what is now Keep Indianapolis Beautiful, Inc. (KIB) started over 40 years ago when 1976 Mayor Bill Hudnut created the Indianapolis Clean City Committee—a single-employee, anti-litter city agency. While litter reduction...

Tips and Tricks for Riding IndyGo’s Red Line

The Red Line is officially open, Indy! The Red Line, IndyGo’s latest project, runs along a 13-mile stretch of Indianapolis’s most densely populated (with residents and employers) corridors. The buses themselves are a whopping...

My Miscarriage Story

“My miscarriage story” is a phrase I naively thought I would never have to vocalize, yet here I am… On Monday morning, I woke up and instantly knew something was wrong. I had cramps and...

My Favorite Me Time: the Solo Movie Date

I’ve grown up loving movies, especially going to the movie theater to catch the newest flick. There’s something about reclining in a plush seat in a cool, dark, quiet theater that just puts me...
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