Lindsey Cornett

Lindsey Cornett is a loud talker, iced coffee drinker, and lover of the written word who lives in downtown Indianapolis with her scientist husband and three young kids (Ian, Leo, and Ruthie). In both writing and life, she explores the intersections of faith, family, creativity, and freedom from perfectionism. She’s out there providing hope and solidarity to any other women who find themselves afraid to make a mistake. You can find her on Instagram @lindseycornett.

Why Moms Must Care about Safe Gun Storage – National Suicide Prevention Month

TRIGGER WARNING: suicide and gun violence. If you or someone you know is having suicidal thoughts, call the National Suicide Prevention Hotline at 1-800-273-8255.  September is National Suicide Prevention Month, and though this is a...

Confession: My Kids Were All Formula-Fed

Here is one of the truths about my motherhood that I often hold close to my chest: All three of my kids were formula-fed. I occasionally catch myself thinking—just for a moment—that maybe I’m not...

How to Talk So Little Kids Will Listen: Book Review

At the beginning of quarantine, my kids seemed so happy for the extra time to be together. My oldest, in particular, who was in first grade and typically in school full-time, was so happy...

Backyard Fun with Preschoolers: Simple and Easy Ideas

In the spring and summer, our backyard is my favorite place to be. Every time I step outside, I dream of sipping my ice-cold sparkling water on the deck or reading my book undisturbed...

How to Celebrate Mother’s Day in Quarantine

Mother's Day is coming up, and this year is going to be different than any other Mother's Day before. How can we survive and celebrate Mother's Day while quarantined? Most of our state is...

10+ Easy Activities You Can Supervise from the Couch

Some days, we might have the energy for homemade play-doh and watercolor painting. No doubt, some days are perfect for cookie baking, tickle fights, and fort building.  But other days? Other days, you can barely...

Coronavirus: What Indy Families Need to Know

Earlier this week, my first-grader came home from school, recounting the reminders he'd received that day about the importance of washing his hands and covering his mouth. "Also," he said, "my friend said lots...

Tips for Surviving Winter if You’re New to the Midwest

Not long after moving to Michigan, when we were brand new to the Midwest, my husband and I showed up for a new church small group. When it came time for us to introduce...
choosing a word of the year

3 Reasons to Choose a Word of the Year

Choosing a word of the year changed my life. Before that, I spent so many late December weeks sprawled on the floor of my childhood bedroom, college apartment, and newlywed one-bedroom with stacks of...
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