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A Greenwood native, Laura is an ICU nurse, mother and wife. In her free time you can find her with her sidekick-her two year old daughter Violet. She and her husband enjoy playing board games and trying the local eats.

I Love You in the Mundane: A Letter to My Husband

Going into marriage, I thought the big moments would be my favorite. I thought of the milestones we would celebrate, the trips we would take, and the dreams we would pursue. This summer, we...

Being Brave

Sometimes, when people get settled into the mundane tasks of life, they forget to take chances. When the Covid pandemic first broke out, people were stuck at home and they had time to pick...

Building a Home Intentionally

Nowadays, all you need to do is browse the internet for a few hours and you can redecorate your whole house. There are so many ads, swipe-up links, and deals posted. Instagram influencers post...

Your Grandparents Chance to Love You

My husband and I went on a date recently, our first date in forever! I put on a pearl barrette and broke out my nice boots. We had her grandparents all lined up for...

Back to Work and Fighting Mom Guilt

The sound of ocean waves hit me as I push open the door. Turning the sound machine off, I get a glimpse of you asleep, rolled against the side of your crib. Your dirty...
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