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Lightening the Load When Life Gets Heavy

Do you stop to lighten to load when life gets heavy? Because life does get heavy. Parenthood, no different. Wakeups, meltdowns, drop-offs, take ons, sleepovers, and feeling under. All the things and routines and...

I Am Not Superwoman

People think I'm superwoman, but I'm really just a mom pushed too far by anxiety and bouts of depression. That's the mask I wear. That's my superpower of sorts. That's the heavy shield I...

Life Insurance Denied – Mental Health Approved

Requested coverage: Voluntary Term Life/ADD Application Status: Denied Reason: “The coverage requested cannot be approved on you due to anxiety and medication.” I had to read it again. I had to double-check: denied. I searched for a...

To My Pandemic Baby, On Your First Birthday

There was no chapter in the baby books about welcoming a child into a pandemic. It just simply was and then you were just simply there. And, really, that’s all that ever mattered. We...

Hearing Loss in a Hearing World

Most people don’t know that I have hearing loss. Most people don’t know that I rely on lip-reading during conversations. Most people don’t know that I carry anxiety every day due to hearing loss....

My Brother, The Nurse

Today my brother received a Daisy Award, given to nurses who meet their hospital’s mission and values and display extraordinary care and compassion. He, like so many other nurses, would say that he did...

What 2020 Taught Me About Motherhood

Having become a mom at the end of 2017, I wasn’t brand new to motherhood when 2020 rolled around. At the beginning of the year, I was expecting my second and ready to take...

Be Still

Be still, my heart. Be still. Stillness is uncomfortable. 2020 has been an exercise in stillness and the realization that it can be easier to keep moving than it is to stop. Because stopping means processing....

Meet Our Indianapolis Moms: Krysten

Krysten here! I’m a southern Indiana (Georgetown – which is by New Albany – which is by Jeffersonville – which is across the river from Louisville…anyone?) transport who made it to the “big city”...

Surviving in Our Comparison Culture

It starts from the first few days we enter this world. How big is he/she? What percentile? And it continues. What milestones have they hit? Can they walk yet? Are they babbling/signing/talking? And it continues. Where did you...

The Thing About Anxiety

The thing about anxiety is that it goes with me wherever I go. I can drive 650+ miles to the coast, sink my toes in the sand, look out into the sea and find...

I’m a Nasty Woman Raising Nasty Women

Evidently, I’m a “nasty woman” by some people’s “standards.” I’m a nasty woman because I stand up when others need to learn to sit down. I’m a nasty woman because I’m not a doormat, a...

Husband, I Like You

If being in quarantine has taught me anything, it is this: husband, I like you. Like, really. I really like you. Since the middle of March, we have been stuck together. We have seen more...

A Letter to My Postpartum Self

To My Postpartum Self, I know things feel heavy. Your body. Your mind. Your reality. Even the lightness of a tiny, precious baby upon your chest. It’s a lot. I know you feel like it’s not...
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