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Make-A-Wish Journey: Waiting on Wish Granters

Would you consider being a Wish Granter? Meet Kayden. He is my son and a Make-A-Wish child for intractable epilepsy.  No, he is not dying. (Read more about our family's story here.) Yes, I use to think...

Epilepsy Awareness Month: The Faces of Epilepsy

November is Epilepsy Awareness Month. Last year, I had the privilege of joining the Indianapolis Moms Blog as a contributor. The call-out for new voices came, and I knew that I wanted to write...
Dear Mommy

Mommy, Can I Tell You Something?

Mommy, can I tell you something? You are the best Mommy in the whole wide world. You shine like the brightest star in the sky. You don't have to wear make-up. You are just so pretty. My eyes will...

My Breastfeeding Journey from Awkward to Super Milker

In our educated and socially connected society, us moms can be overwhelmed with the amount of knowledge and opinions from just about everyone (including cousin IT).  Sometimes I wish that I would just be...

Hospital Week: Hope, Healing, and Tips

Hospital week During this week (May 12-18, 2019), we celebrate National Hospital Week.  This year’s theme is “Celebrating Hope and Healing.” Hospitals play an important role in our society, and this year’s theme really hit...
emergency 9-1-1

9-1-1: Do Your Children Know What to Do in an Emergency?

As mothers and fathers, we want to protect our children from as much as we can. There are situations that come up that are hard and difficult that we can help walk them through...

When the New Year Isn’t so Shiny and Bright

The new year comes with the societal mindset of renewal and a fresh start. Resolutions and “what to accomplish in the next year” are the talk of the media and blasted all over social...

Epilepsy: Three Toddlers and One Mom’s Perspective

Epilepsy: Three toddlers and one mom’s perspective There are awful moments in everyone’s life that just stick with you. Moments that when thought about can be replayed in the mind just like watching your favorite...
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