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Kristen Wolf


Landing My Helicopter Parenting: She Asked Me Not to Chaperone

My daughter is the oldest of our three children. We are on the horizon of having a teenager, as she turns thirteen in just a few short months. We have always been extremely close,...

We Gave Him Another Year: Making the Decision to “Redshirt”

When our third and final child, a boy, was born in March of 2013, it seemed his academic timeline would mirror our daughter's path, who was born almost exactly four years earlier in March...

Decision Fatigue is Wearing Me Out

For most of my life, I have typically been a pretty quick decision-maker. I know what I like, and more importantly what I don’t, and choose accordingly. Some could even say I made decisions...

What is Autism Acceptance? Be Like the Lady on the Train.

April is here again, and with that comes Autism Awareness Month. But what does that mean? I’ve been an autism mom for over ten years. My son was officially diagnosed shortly after his third birthday...

Reaching Unexpected Milestones

In parenting, we know about the traditional milestones to expect with our children. Rolling over, sitting up, eating solid foods, walking, potty training, and so on. There are endless books and pamphlets given to...

Parenting. It’s All About Your Perspective.

Parenting. It’s all about your perspective. I had what some might call an unrealistic expectation of what motherhood would be like for me. Reflecting on my own memories growing up, I recall a rather picture-perfect...

What Are His Gifts?

Nearly two years ago, I was asked a simple question that has stuck with me to this day. It was a busy week at the end of May in 2019. Overly booked schedules with so...

I’m in the Special Needs Mom Club

I’m part of a club that I never planned to belong. I’m in the special-needs mom club. I’m a planner by nature. Growing up in a middle class, suburban neighborhood with two happily married parents and...
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