Kelly Sutter has lived in Indiana all her life and loves being a Hoosier. She met her husband Aaron during her first day of college and the rest is history. She is the mom of a four year old boy and one year old girl. Kelly recently left the corporate marketing world to pursue her passion of owning her own marketing firm. She loves Indiana basketball, spending time outside, concerts, craft beer and traveling.

Our Bedtime Routine is Lengthy and That’s Okay

My two-year-old daughter was recently at the doctor for a checkup, and it came up that we lay down with her each night until she falls asleep. Her physician – with the best of...

Am I a MOMpreneur?

I was a part of an online discussion lately about the term MOMpreneur. Someone asked about the word, and the responses were really mixed. Some identified with it, while others called it things like...

Our Take on the Modern Hope Chest

We’re all so busy nowadays: working, running kids around, taking care of the house, etc. etc. So many of our memories are documented on our phones or on social media, but those are just...

Getting by Without a Stroller (And Loving It)

When I was pregnant with my son, I had every intention of buying a stroller. We were lucky enough to have a friend give us a stroller that worked with our infant seat, so...

24 Breastfeeding and Pumping Friendly Locations Around Indianapolis

Breastfeeding moms all know that feeling of your baby starting to cry and frantically looking around for the best place to feed. I’m a strong advocate for feeding baby whenever and wherever baby and...
day trip

One Tank Trip: Dutch Creek Animal Farm

The other day, I was talking to another mom and found out that we'd taken similar trips with our families. It was like we had an instant bond because we'd both been to this...

Pool Safety Tips From a Pool Owner

On a hot summer day, there's nothing better than a refreshing dip in a pool. I went almost daily as a kid and as an adult, I've enjoyed many relaxing days. But when we...

It’s National Beer Day! 11 Places in Indianapolis to Enjoy a Craft Beer Outside...

Is there anything better than sitting outside with your favorite beverage? For me, not much! I’m a big craft beer fan. And as soon as the weather turns nice, our family spends a lot...

Saving Babies’ Lives with Safe Haven Baby Boxes

As a mom, nothing is more important to me than keeping our children safe. Saving the lives of babies, and providing options for parents who cannot care for their newborns is an important cause...

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of My Breastfeeding Journey

Breastfeeding isn't something I've really talked about, even though it's been a huge part of my life the last five years between two kids. When I was pregnant with my first, I didn't think...

A New Work at Home Mom: What I’ve Learned So Far

Just hearing the term “work/life balance” makes me roll my eyes a bit. It’s overused, and I’m not sure it’s even possible to ever get it “balanced.” It’s hard enough to find happiness and...
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