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Kelly Jones

I am a 30-something nurse who is a Hoosier born and raised. I love to take photos (as proven by my iPhone storage always being full) and can bake anything. I love house projects and decorating. My husband Brad might not enjoy it as much but he puts up with my many last-minute, random projects. We have two beautiful children, Camden, 8, and Charlotte, almost 3. We live in Fishers and have a Great Dane named Max. I'm going to school for my Masters in Family Nurse Practitioner. I am not sure what I want to do when I grow up. Being a FRIENDS guru is at the top of the list though.

Learning to Say No

Have you ever had that overwhelming feeling like you never get a day off? And on your days “off” you’re running errands or going to appointments back to back from the time you wake...

Getting in Sync for National Sensory Processing Disorder Awareness Month

My son has always been very sensitive to sounds. Not always loud sounds but too many sounds all at one time. He sometimes has trouble focusing. Over time lots of these little quirks of...

Playground Safety: How I Learned the Hard Way

Playground safety is something I don’t take lightly anymore. It’s not that I never did, but I learned a difficult lesson the hard way as a new mom years ago. My son was a month...

Kitchen Hacks for the No-Nonsense Mom

Shortcuts are my love language. I am always looking for life hacks to make my life easier. Being stuck at home more nowadays has proven to be quite the challenge with being creative both...

How to Complete DIY Projects With Your Spouse

Somewhere in my 30-something years of life, I was never warned about the fascinating experience of completing a DIY project with your spouse and just how fun (using this term loosely here) it could...

As We Open the Economy

Right now, the news headlines are plastered with stories about having grace, infringing on rights, opening up the economy, staying in quarantine, and so many arguments I can’t keep up anymore. I want to...

Mediocrity for the Everyday Mom

Mediocrity is a crime nowadays. Its synonyms include moderate quality or value, ordinary and not very good. Not very good?! When did it become unacceptable to be average or ordinary? I think that sounds pretty darn...

Leaning All The Way In

I thought when I birthed my first child that that was the hardest thing I'd ever have to do. Boy was I wrong. Marriage is the hardest thing I've ever had to do. Dating is...

Pushing Past My Comfort Zone: It’s Not Just About Losing Weight

“You didn’t come this far, to only come this far.” It’s 7 pm, and I’m running (out of breath) on the treadmill. Just one foot in front of the other. I see my heart rate...

I Spoiled My Kids on Christmas and Why I’m Not Sorry

I love Christmas morning. Growing up, the anticipation was so high on Christmas Eve, my sister and I sometimes convinced my mom to let us open just one present before going to bed that...
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