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Katy Gentry McCord

Katy is an actor, studio vocalist, and writer. Theater credits include Actor's Theatre of Indiana, Beef & Boards Dinner Theater, Fireside Dinner Theater, Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra, Magic Thread Cabaret, and Carnegie Hall. Her studio work can be heard on many Broadway Jr. recordings, Hal Leonard Publishing, and Plank Road Publishing. Her writing has been featured on The Lilly/Anxiety Chronicles published by The Washington Post and Sweatpants & Coffee. She holds a Masters in Special Education and just recently transitioned out of the classroom to full time Momming/Home CEO and raising her two toddlers. Katy is a grateful recovering alcoholic, sexual trauma survivor, and proud adoptive mom. She and her husband live in Fishers.

I Need to Go to Bed

I was finally on the last episode of the last season of Schitt’s Creek. I debated on if I should watch it or wait till the next night. It was 1:38 am after all...

Face-To-Face: Me and Myself, Forty Years Later

My mom gave one final push and there I was - 1:28 AM on Wednesday, September 9th. Forty years later I am imagining what it would be like to talk to my six-year-old self face-to-face...

You Just Have to Go Through It

We grieve a loss of some kind. In fact, we can physically feel it - the heavy anguish.  Everyone at some point will go through it.  ‘Heavy’ - that could stand alone in defining the...

Top Ten New Books for Summer: Tots to Teenagers Edition

Summer is here and everyone in your house is ready for a change of pace! Routines are different. Some are busy and other families may be wanting to take it easy as they step...

My Bisexuality is Valid

It is Pride Month and for the first time, I will be celebrating this month as a member of the LGTBQ+ community. This is my coming-out story.   It came as no shock to my husband....

Special Needs Moms: We’re Gonna Make It After All

I was about seven or eight at the time. When my mom would turn into our neighborhood I would beg her to pull over and let me drive the car to our house. I...

Read Across America: Ideas to Celebrate Diverse Literature

The first Read Across America was held on March 2nd in 1998 and was the National Education Foundation's brainchild. They landed on March 2nd because it is the birthday of Dr. Seuss. So, for...

Dark on Broadway: Stand By for Places

I have always said I would rather talk to a crowd of 10,000 than to a room of ten people. I have always felt comfortable with a microphone, whether it was in the recording...

Hope in the Gravy Boat: Finding Relief This Holiday Season

I grew up in a winding and small neighborhood about forty-five minutes from Indianapolis. It was the late 80’s where no one locked their doors and I was rockin’ my blue ten-speed bike with...

Our Kids Are Telling Us They are Not Alright: Mental Health Awareness

Our kids are telling us they are not alright. Just not in words. They are struggling to sleep. Some are even back to wetting the bed during the night even though they have not done...

My Dog’s Eulogy – In His Own Words

My then husband-to-be and I brought home an absolutely crazy and young rescue hound/terrier from the Hamilton County Humane Society in 2014. We said our final goodnight to our Mr. Trippers August 11th. On...

Plant Yourself and Pivot

We are not fine. Everything is not fine. The house is on fire and we are not fine. "We will be sending off the biopsy..." "Babe, the van won't start..." "The air-conditioning is out in the other...

Continuing Anti-Racist Work After the Book Club Ends

If you are like the thousands of other white women over the past few months, you have been balancing Zoom book clubs on white fragility, becoming Anti-Racist, getting Untamed, or maybe finding your Enneagram...

Hiking with Young Kids – Top Six Indiana Parks

We made it to June, everyone! 2020, or as I call it, "OMG. What is happening?!", is officially halfway complete. I was all-in when March came and by May I was eating my feelings and...
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