Jen O'Rourke

Jen is a mom, child psychotherapist, and parent educator. She spent 12 years in Los Angeles building her career and family before moving back to her home state of Indiana. Jen currently lives in Zionsville with her husband, 3 year old son, and 7 month old daughter. She spends most of her free time reheating the same cup of coffee and looking for her car keys.

5 Tips for Rehabilitating a Picky Eater

Is there anything more frustrating than a picky eater? Rushing around at the end of the day to put a healthy and tasty meal on the table only to have your child scream in...

6 Tips to Manage Your Toddlers Separation Anxiety: A Mental Health Perspective

  My daughter is now almost 18 months, and we are in the throes of some pretty serious separation anxiety-I’m talking full-on tears, clinging, and protest when I even so much as turn my back...

The Push to Silence Mommy Talk and Why We Shouldn’t Let It Happen

I was sitting at Starbucks not too long ago and overheard two women complain that their friend had nothing to talk about but her child. One “friend” states that this woman used to be...

Your Toddler’s Behavior Is Not a Measure of Your Success as a Parent

I’ve heard a few times tales of toddlers that listen when their parents tell them no. They follow routines, order, and don’t dare to push back on the rules. I was in a conversation...

When a Baby Needs Mental Health Treatment

Most of my career has been devoted to play therapy and the mental health treatment of children ages 0-5-with a particular focus on trauma. When I tell people this they often understand the play...

The Gift I Give My Children Every Year

  On my sons 1st birthday I found myself searching for the perfect birthday gift for him. Sure he’d get plenty of toys and cute clothes from friends and family, but I wanted to give...

Women, Work, and Kids: Can We Really Have it All?

In the rising age of feminism, women are repeatedly told you can have it all, especially in regards to family life and career. Sure, you can have both but is it really having it...

Why I Started a Buy Nothing Group in My Community

Have you heard of “The Buy Nothing project”? It’s a hyper-local gift-giving community that focuses on generosity, gratitude, and community through local facebook groups. I was bummed to learn that there was not a...

Why We Don’t Make Our Son Apologize and What We Do Instead

Its a moment that every parent is familiar with, the kids are playing rough, and then one begins to wail in pain while the other gives you the dear in headlights look. This happened...

Mom Shame: We All Have It and No One Wants to Talk About It

Shame. Just the word conjures up all sorts of emotions for me, and I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how it impacts moms and our ability to connect with one another. There is...

Teaching Babies and Toddlers About Consent

In the wake of the #metoo movement, it seems like a day doesn’t go by without hearing a horrible story of sexual harassment or assault. It’s all over the media and such a hot...

Building Empathy in Children

Before I had my first child, I logged 7 years experience working as a child therapist and parent educator so I was blessed with a lot of knowledge that many first time parents don’t...
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