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Jenn Reardon McSoley

Jennifer Reardon McSoley is a boy mom all the way! With a Masters degree in Education and more than 20 years of educational leadership, she has made it a personal and professional goal to support children and families across America. A Detroit native, she now resides in Fishers, Indiana, with her husband and sons. She is a published author of a popular children's book series, "The League of Invisible Abilities” and in addition to her books, she speaks and travels both nationally and internationally where her “League of Invisible Abilities” series is helping people re-frame the conversation around learning disabilities into super powers– children now are being empowered!

Five Ways to Stop Hating and Start Choosing Joy

It feels like hate is ripping through our country’s culture these days. Every person I know, in every walk of life, seems to be mad. They have some deep anger toward somebody, some organization,...

The Case of the 8 O’clocks: Five Ways to Make the Anger Disappear

Well, it’s that time again. 8:00 pm. The dreaded BEDTIME. The time where mommy becomes a raging monster. Words like brush your teeth come out of my mouth like a million times with each...

Five Tips on How to Parent Like You Have Always Wanted to During a...

We are all getting to the point of too much closeness with the ones we love these days and although it is a huge blessing to spend that much “quality” time with your kiddos,...
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