Erin Lapota

Erin is a Hoosier girl that loves all things Indy. She lives in Fountain Square with her husband, 2.5 year old son, Clark and their fur baby Murphy.

Grandmas are Special People: Lessons From Gram

Grandmas are Special People Mine was extra special. She was some sort of superhuman, who did everything for everyone and made this world a better place. She always felt like home. When something was wrong,...

Pandemic Living, Not My Jam

Pandemic living, quarantine, and lockdown. Living through a global pandemic, nope, not my jam. Zero out of five stars, would not recommend. “Living through a pandemic” was not an option on my MASH list...

Pandemic Potty Training: What, Like It’s Hard?

As soon as the pandemic shut down happened, a bunch of moms turned to mommy group chats and mommy social media groups with the resounding message, “What a perfect time to potty train!” As...

Raising Good Humans

Let’s be honest with ourselves; we are all going to mess up our kids in some form or fashion because we are all human and nobody is perfect (regardless of what I tell my...

Health at Every Size: Weight Diversity Is a Beautiful Thing

Y'all, I too, like Ja Rule, "was hustled, scammed, bamboozled, hood winked, lead astray!!!" (Fyre Festival reference, cracks me up every time). The Health at Every Size (HAES) movement coming in with a big...

Stop Dieting for Good and Live Your Life With Intuitive Eating

Hey girl (insert Ryan Gosling meme), stop dieting, and live your life. Stop the calorie counting, delete those fitness apps off your phone, cancel your diet program subscriptions, and live your life. Diet Culture...

Craft Beer Family

A cold, hoppy pale ale is my jam. Oh wait, but so is a robust stout. Aw hell, just give me a good beer, and I’m one happy girl. We have an amazing beer...

Our Experience as a Big Couple: National Mentoring Month

Pre-marriage, pre-kiddo, my then boyfriend (now husband), and I didn’t have much of a purpose other than our weekly job responsibilities and Sunday Fundays with our friends (ahhh I miss those days). I felt...

Give Yourself Some Dang Grace!

Ladies, mamas, why are we so hard on ourselves? Let me tell ya, I have learned some lessons over these last two years since I had my son, but the biggest lesson I’ve learned...
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