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Emily Roark

Emily is a wife and stay-at-home mama of a five-year-old daughter, three-year-old son, and a baby girl who arrived in 2020. When she's not filling milk cups, singing nursery rhymes or sweeping crumbs off of the floor, Emily works from home as an editor. When she can find alone time, she enjoys working out, baking and writing.

I Want to Lose the Baby Weight

There, I said it. I know, I know, I'm supposed to give myself grace, but it's true -- I want to lose my baby weight. After my first two pregnancies, I didn't know what...

I Had Nap Time Plans Today, but My Baby Gave Me Rest

I had nap time plans today. I always have good intentions at nap time, but today, I was actually going to accomplish everything on my to-do list. I put on a pair of sweatpants...

I Didn’t Get to Say Goodbye

My grandma passed away last month. Suddenly, unexpectedly, too soon despite the fact that she lived a long 92 years of life -- and I didn't get to say goodbye. I was supposed to see...

10 Benefits of Having a Baby During a Pandemic

I had my third baby in mid-May, right as the stay-at-home order in Indiana was lifted. We were only a couple of months into the pandemic and there were so many unknowns. Doctors were...

Why Having a Son Fascinates Me

I found out that I was having a boy on a cold, snowy afternoon in March. My husband and I went to the ultrasound together, leaving our 18-month-old daughter at home with my mom....

When We Go Out Again

"Mommy, when will people be done being sick?" This is the question my four-year-old daughter asks me at least once a day. The first time that she asked me, some time at the end...

Postpartum in a Pandemic: This Can’t Be Our “New Normal”

I gave birth to my third baby in the middle of a pandemic. Upon arriving at the hospital already in our masks, my husband and I stopped at the doors where we made our...

I Never Thought I’d Be Pregnant During a Pandemic

I'm 39 weeks pregnant with my third baby. I'm tired, I'm achy, I'm overwhelmed, and I'm emotional. I don't know if these symptoms are pregnancy-related or due to the stress of the pandemic, but...

The Newborn Stage is Not My Favorite

My first daughter was born on a hot and humid day in August. After a 19 hour labor and 45 minutes of pushing, she came into the world kicking and screaming, and it was...

10 Things for the Anxious Mom to do During a Pandemic

  On a gloomy Monday afternoon, I sat on the table during my 32-week prenatal appointment, and my doctor asked the question she always asks, "Do you have any questions?" This being my third pregnancy,...

A No-Resolution New Year

On December 31st, I mindlessly scrolled through image after image of people's New Year's resolutions and inspiring messages for the new year on social media. Or at least, they were supposed to be inspiring....

How to Survive the First Trimester When You Have Other Kids at Home

I think most of us can agree that the first trimester is the hardest of the three trimesters. Symptoms may include all-day nausea, food aversions, sensitivity to smells, bloating, fatigue, and exhaustion, among other...

I Wish I Was a Mom in the 90s

The majority of my early childhood happened in the 1990s. Fashion statements included stirrup pants, poofy bangs, and turtlenecks; smartphones were not yet a thing, and The Oregon Trail was one of the few...

You Don’t Have to Breastfeed

There I was, less than 24 hours after giving birth, breaking down in tears in my tiny hospital room bathroom. I wasn't crying because I was in pain from childbirth, or even because of...
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