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Emily LeFors


You (Yes, YOU) Need a Will

Real talk: You need a will. I recognize that no one likes talking about death and that raising children is already expensive, but that doesn’t change the fact that you still need a will....

Remembering a Sweet Gesture

A heather light gray sweatshirt sits folded in my dresser drawer. It hasn’t been worn for months. The tag is no longer attached, and the sweatshirt is thinning out from too many washes. As...

Why Wait? An Alternative to Premarital Counseling

Congratulations! You’re engaged. You’re sporting a shiny new ring and texting your friends and family like crazy with your news. You quickly post to social media pics of the ring and your smiling face....

This School Year Was Tough On Everyone

No more pencils/ No more books/ No more teacher's dirty looks/ Out for summer/ Out till fall/ We might not come/ Back at all. This school year was tough on everyone, and I mean EVERYONE....

My Brother’s Mount Everest: The Hardest Climb of His Life

“If opening your eyes, or getting out of bed, or holding a spoon, or combing your hair is the daunting Mount Everest you climb today, that is okay.” – Carmen Ambrosi People talk about cancer...

I Miss My Girlfriends

My husband is amazing. He does most of the cooking and grocery shopping for our household, cleans up the house most evenings after we’re both exhausted, and is an equal partner in raising our...

The Magical Midwest

Majestic mountains ensconced in a veil of clouds. Sparkling water on sandy beaches. Tranquil lakes with wildlife surrounding their shores. When I think of taking a vacation, oceans, mountains, or lakes come to my...

How Sharing a Bathroom Brought My Family Closer

According to The United States Census Bureau, almost 33% of homes that were built in 2019 were built with three or more bathrooms. My husband and I have nowhere close to that amount in...

Warning: Love Is Not (Always) Instant

Warning: When you have a baby, you are expected to be instantly thrilled, overjoyed, and/or . In the early weeks after my daughter was born, my husband would say things like, “We can’t imagine...
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