Dr. Staci Blume

Dr. Staci is a wife, mom, chiropractor, business coach and passionate entrepreneur. She moved from her home state of North Dakota to Fishers, IN in August 2016. She enjoys being an involved and awesome step-mom to two sons, and with her husband Nate, welcomed their baby girl into the world in August, 2017. She and her husband opened their third chiropractic practice, Life Refined Chiropractic, across from Hamilton Town Center in February, 2018. Additional interests include travel, fitness, nutrition, and quality connections with people who are also driven and passionate about life! She runs a local networking group for women in business, owns a health and lifestyle company, Everyday Life: Refined, and speaks to groups and organizations of all sizes on ways to live a healthier life.

All Moms Have Time to “Meditate”

We all have plenty of time to meditate. Now, before you get mad, hear me out. Like me, you probably have a list of excuses and reasons why it just “doesn’t fit into your schedule.”...

That ONE Thing: Ditch the Ever-Growing To-Do List

Task List Consuming Every Moment? We all have a list of a hundred things to do. As a mom – I know how the lists are never-ending. If you're anything like me - your goal...

You’re Still Voting?!

Voting Is Behind Us.....Or Is It? The elections are behind us, and I’ll be honest – I won’t miss the ads on TV or the social media posts. After all, no matter what my position...

5 “Switch Witch” Swaps for a Healthier Halloween

Ah, the "holiday season." To me, it seems to start with costumes and candy as Halloween approaches, and I know I'm not the only one! As a healthcare provider, however, I find that most...

5 Tips for Healthier Kids This School Year

While parenting styles differ, one thing all parents can agree on is this: we want healthy kids! After more than ten years working with families to achieve this goal, I’ve found these five tips...

Extreme Nursing – My Breastfeeding Story

While my daughter was my first born, I’ve been an active and involved stepmother for a couple of years. My stepsons couldn’t have been more excited about my pregnancy. They kissed my belly and...

The Sunshine Insufficiency

Summer’s here and moms everywhere are wondering, “what’s the best sunscreen for my child?” After all, no one wants a child with a sunburn!  But you also don’t want to spray chemicals all over...

The Ideal Tribe Reconfiguration

Who Are Your Five? I often speak to businesses and other organizations on topics of stress management and productivity enhancement. One of the most important points I try to get across in the 30-60 minutes...

The Post Pregnancy Recalibration

I’d made it! Or so, I’d thought. It was a sunny but cool fall day in November. Looking back, those initial moments feel like a dream. I remember staring at myself in the mirror that...

Need to Re-Set Your Goals?

Last summer, my husband put together a home gym in our basement. He was ready to get back to more intense home work-outs in addition to outdoor running. He was also being incredibly thoughtful,...

12 Ways to Stay Healthy Through The Holidays

As moms, we're often in charge of juggling all the house-hold duties and decisions when it comes to our family's schedule, which becomes even more complicated during the holidays. We all know that holiday...

Let It Be Easy

I had my daughter a week before my 37th birthday - so I'm a little bit of an older first-time-mom. And maybe it's with several years of business ownership, personal and professional development experience,...

Confessions of a New Mom: Boutique Shopping with a Newborn

A Boutique Destination Up until this weekend, I had only run errands and attended business meetings along with my husband. I'd found the determination to venture out with my daughter and pick up my online...
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