Britt Stonerock


Everyday Affirmations for Mamas

Affirmations are like health food for the psyche. They're a way to clean up your inner world when you notice it has become overrun by junky thoughts that are stealing your mental energy. Affirmations are NOT...

So You Want to Homeschool? Encouragement for the Beginning Homeschool Mama

There are infinite reasons to homeschool, each reason personal and specific to the family venturing down the homeschooling path. Some of us choose it for religious or spiritual reasons, some because traditional public school isn't...

Can You Please Just Not?!: Mantra of the Overwhelmed Toddler Mom

Toddlers can be such sweet little creatures. They can catch you off guard and fill you with so much love with the sweet simplicity of their small loving gestures: planting kisses on your face unprovoked,...

Soul Sister Appreciation Day

Okay, so to my knowledge there isn't actually a Soul Sister Appreciation Day... kinda made that one up. ;-) But there should be! Soul sisters change your life. What transforms a regular friendship into a "soul sister"...

The Unexpected Blessings of a 10 Year Sibling Age Gap

I have two daughters, almost 11 years apart. One will be 13 in August, and my little one just turned two. I had my first daughter at 16 years old, so while she has been an...

Mothering Your Inner Child: Navigating Mother Wounds

Why are mother-child relationships so deeply influential on the essence of our entire beings? What is it about a mama in particular that affects each of us so radically to our very core? Whether we've experienced...

Worthiness and the Feeling Small Mama

My motherhood has transformed throughout the years. I have experienced being both a working, schooling mama who had to divide my attention and time among many different paths, and also a stay at home...

Finding Winter’s Wisdom: a California Mama’s Perspective

As a Southern California kid, the perpetual spring weather I grew up with as my only frame of reference did not prepare me for the bitter truth of Indy’s shifting seasons and temperatures. Especially winter. That's...
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