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Do People Still Say ‘In Your Feelings’ ?

I’ve been prone to depressive episodes for as long as I can remember. As a kid, graduating to the next level of swim lessons, family visits ending, being gifted my first bra from my...

Our Journey: We Are Pregnant

My husband wanted to announce our pregnancy at 12 weeks on social media. I was 12 weeks pregnant on Father’s Day, and he had had such little control in any of this. We had...

Where Does the Time Go?

One of the things that drive me crazy, and ask my husband—there are MANY, is when people shake their head and sigh, “where does the time go?” Most of the time, they are staring...

Randy’s Story: Our Youth and Gun Violence

Let me tell you about Randy. If you met him when I did, you would see a seventh-grader with a strong sense of self. The thing about middle schoolers is that they so rarely...

The Science of Being Barefoot Despite Fall Nipping at My Toes

You can’t deny the fading of the summer sun. Whether it's Starbucks pumpkin spice tickling your nostrils or perhaps Target’s dollar spot fall décor calling your name, it’s no secret that autumn is catching...

Blame It on the Quarantine

Disclaimer:  What follows here might sound absolutely absurd. But here’s the deal—I love Jesus. I have not, and I am not always great at showing that. I am much better at remembering prayers of...

Dear Daughter

My Dear Lottie Grace, I drove home from the gym yesterday in the early dark hours. I was feeling strong and confident, and I suddenly felt an urge to tell you that as a girl...

Trying to Conceive

I was stalking someone online or mindlessly scrolling Instagram by the glow of the moon in bed one night the first time I came across the acronym TTC. A google search later, I learned...
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