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Ashleigh was born in Houston, TX and raised in Plainfield, IN, where she now resides with a family of her own. Ashleigh and her husband met at their best friends' wedding and soon after welcomed their son, Cash, who is now two. This summer they will add another little boy to their family. Following high school, Ashleigh attended IUPUI for Interior Design before deciding to pursue her dream career as a hairstylist. After working for eight years in downtown Indy at MDG Salon Studios she decided to move her business part-time locally in Plainfield at Honeycomb Studios so she can spend more time with her children. Ashleigh specializes in wedding and special events hair styling and creative color and cuts. Her passion for crafting and obsession with toddler fashion lead her to open Dearest and Dashing a children's fashion accessories shop on Etsy where she is the owner and designer.

IKEA Dresser Hack

How many nights do you stay up far too late browsing Pinterest for hours? If you're anything like me, the answer is every. single. night. Even after the kids are long asleep and I should be getting...

Smartphone Photography : 10 Tips To Taking A Better Photo With Your Phone

Are you all familiar with the term “mamarazzi”? Well, thats me. I take waaayy too many pictures of my kids. I post everyday via social media, and while I'm sure I've lost a few Facebook...

These 9 Tips Could Save Your Child’s Life :: Car Seat Safety

I’m not an overprotective mom. I don’t freak out about my son, Cash, having too many sweets and I'm not strict about set bed times and countless other things you might think a first time mom...

Pregnancy :: How Things Change the Second Time Around

I'm that person you probably hate. I love being pregnant! I feel better in my clothes (for the most part), and I have really easy pregnancies - no morning sickness, no major problems, etc. But, regardless...

10 Steps to a Semi-Successful Target Trip With a Toddler

Shopping with a toddler is no easy task. Especially not now while largely pregnant. But, I do it. And I do it probably way too often if you ask my husband. Our favorite shopping...

Why I Won’t Tell You What I’m Naming My Baby

"What are you going to name your baby?" This is a question I've asked many of my pregnant clients as they sit in my chair. A common answer is something like, "Oh, we aren't telling...

Becoming Mom :: Things I Said I’d Never Do

Before I had my son, Cash, I was a hair stylist. When you style hair for a living, you get to know you clients pretty well just through talking to them while they are...

6 Tips for Styling Boys

As Easter approaches, I walk through the store and my eyes are instantly drawn to the beautiful, colorful section of adorable girls' dresses. Then, if I blink, I miss the tiny section of boys'...
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