Imperfect Me

Mirror, mirror, what do you see? I see my biggest critic looking right square at me. I don’t like my body. Never have, and if I’m being raw, I’m not sure I will ever...

Craving Silence

The sound of silence. I crave it. I need it. I miss it. There is growth and purity in silence. As a busy mom, teacher, wife, and personal growth seeker, silence has gone to...

Fitting Into My “Big Girl Pants”

At 41, I am finally starting to fit into my big girl pants! Those darn pants have either been too big, awkwardly short, too tight, button breaking small, and even torn in all the...

A Letter to My Son’s Birthmom

Dear Birth Mom, Where do I begin? You are the bravest woman I will ever have the honor of knowing, no doubt. When I think of strength, compassion, selfless love, and bravery...I will always think of...

The Day I Said Yes to Therapy

Mamas, we have all been there.  Maybe you are in this space at this very moment. You feel the weight of life pressing on your shoulders? Your positive energy is actually anxiety? You exhaust yourself not...

Lake Life Without My Dad and Signs He is With Me

The lake is my happy place. I have so many memories growing up that I hold dear.  The lake will always be waiting for me, but it will never be the same. My dad...

Why Multi Level Marketing & Motherhood Don’t Mix for Me

Can you relate?  If you are a mom, or a human with social media accounts, you are exposed to friends selling a variety of fitness products, health/beauty, clothing, accessories, etc. The sense of urgency...

The Day I Said Yes to the Medication

Any of this sound familiar? You can’t sleep because you worry someone is upset with you. Your cell phone rings and your mind naturally fears the worst. You wonder why you weren’t invited to...

The Control Freak in Me-Learning to Live Without a Plan

If you are like me, you had vivid dreams of what your perfect family would look like in your younger years. Handsome husband, teaching job of my choice, and the magic of pregnancy. No...

Meeting My Biological Mother-A Risk Worth Taking

I never want to live a life of regret.  My son Graham was adopted as an infant when I was thirty-three.  As soon as Graham’s birth mother gently placed Graham in my arms, I...

Adoption-The Gift of Grace

I am adopted. We adopted our son, Graham, seven years ago. The idea of Graham growing up without a sibling created a little knot in my stomach that never faded. We stayed connected to...

Blessings in Breast Cancer

I’ve never been a fan of the color pink. One year ago, my phone rang, and I instantly felt numb from head to toe. You see, my intuition had been overwhelming me for days,...
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