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My 30 Day Detox From Social Media

Mamas, I am drained. Can you relate? Our world is in a place that is beyond comprehension. It frightens me. What will life be like for my children? My mind starts spinning. Finding myself...

Dear Body, One Day We Will Be Friends

Eat a balanced diet. Exercise daily. Eat those fruits and veggies. So simple and yet I have always been determined to find a better way. Refusing to take information at face value. I am...

One Shot at a Time

Sniffle, sneeze, sniffle, sneeze, sniffle... Repeat. The constant sound that at one point I began to tune out. Spring, summer, winter, fall. My sweet boy could not catch a break. His little eyes always...

Mamas, It’s Okay to Not Be Okay

Emotions and Gray Hairs Those pesky gray hairs. My daily reminder that I am growing. Older yes, but also more wise and reflective. My stylist covers them, yet they resurface way too quickly. Can you...

A Letter to My Daughter’s Birth Mom

Dear Birth Mom,  I think of you every single day. We have a deep bond that is unexplainable to those who have not walked in our shoes. We are living proof of deep connection in...

Strengthening My “No” Muscle

Living the COVID-19 Pandemic I was so tired. Running on empty. Craving inner peace and rest. Holding on and not letting go of things not made for me. I wrote this piece days before the COVID-19 pandemic hit...

Meet Me on the Porch – Finding Time for Us Again

Love at first sight Life is funny.  At 22 years old, I began my first teaching job. I was a bit pouty because this job was not my first choice. Sure, I was grateful, but I had...

Dear Cancer

Dear Cancer, Are you sitting down? Be kind, watch your tone, and listen, that's what my mama taught me. I'll do my best, yet no promises. Cancer, you came without any warning. Not a single sign that...

Meet our Indianapolis Moms: Angie Hall

Hey mamas! I'm Angie. My truth is shared through my words the good, bad, and downright messy. Aren’t we all hanging by a thread?  I'm a 42-year-old mama of Graham (9 years) and Grace...

The Mama Masks We Wear

I’ve never been a fan of masks. Sadly, I own many and wear them often.  Sometimes I put on my happy mask, my favorite! Why? That's easy, it keeps people at a safe distance....

Imperfect Me

Mirror, mirror, what do you see? I see my biggest critic looking right square at me. I don’t like my body. Never have, and if I’m being raw, I’m not sure I will ever...

Craving Silence

The sound of silence. I crave it. I need it. I miss it. There is growth and purity in silence. As a busy mom, teacher, wife, and personal growth seeker, silence has gone to...

Fitting Into My “Big Girl Pants”

At 41, I am finally starting to fit into my big girl pants! Those darn pants have either been too big, awkwardly short, too tight, button breaking small, and even torn in all the...

A Letter to My Son’s Birthmom

Dear Birth Mom, Where do I begin? You are the bravest woman I will ever have the honor of knowing, no doubt. When I think of strength, compassion, selfless love, and bravery...I will always think of...
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