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Amanda Shaffer

Amanda is a stay-at-home mom and wife. Momarazzi and coffee addict. Originally from a small town she is navigating motherhood and her new city all at once.

How a Nurse Helped Me Heal

"Amanda?"  I hear my name echo the small waiting room. My stomach dropped to my feet as I grabbed my one-year-old son's plump, dimply hand. "You ready?", I smile down at him.  It has only...

Navigating Motherhood Without My Mother

If you ask me to tell you about losing my mother the first thing that comes to my mind is that last morning. The aroma of coffee fills my nostrils and the buzz of...

Losing Yourself in Motherhood and Finding Yourself There Too

The beginning of my journey into motherhood was filled with diaper changes, pumping schedules, late-night feedings, tummy time, Googling things at 3 AM wake-ups, spit-up, baths, and cold coffee. In the first few months...

Indianapolis is Not My Hometown, but it is Finally My Home

I am originally from a tiny town in Michigan that has a population that's half the size of many graduating high school classes in the Indianapolis area. It's a sleepy little town with one...
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