Amanda Evans-Clark

Amanda is the founder of the non-profit, The Cocktails & Chemo Foundation, a group that supports caregivers. It's a role Amanda knows all too well as she cared for her husband who died from colon cancer in 2014. With her 5 year old daughter by her side, she dives into the challenges of solo mom life while balancing work, grief, and making friends as a grown-up. Amanda loves dirty martinis, lip gloss and adventures with her little!
Single Moms Don't Have the Plague

Single Moms Don’t Have the Plague

When it comes to social circles, being a single mom is not really the one I'd planned for. My plus one is currently a cartwheeling 5-year old, and while I love a good cinnamon...

The Night I Let Go of My Mommy To-Dos

Before I go to bed, I make my to-do list for tomorrow. I lay in the dark and think through what clothes are clean and what we can wear the next day. I wake...

Tales from Suburbia: Will My Family Fit In?

Along the sidewalks of perfectly plotted trees and homes the exact equal distances apart, a family zooms by on an evening bike ride. A mom, a dad, a sister, and a brother smiled as...

How to Be a Friend When the Big “C” Word Hits

We've all been there. We've heard the "C" word over breakfast, at the gym and announced in a Facebook post.  Cancer.  Someone you know has it or is loving someone who does.  The word alone can cause...
Our First Christamas Just Us

The Solo Mom Struggle at the Holidays

Moms are the keepers of the magic, the creators of memories and the coordinators of all of the chaos that comes with holiday joy. As a solo mom, there's an added weight we can feel...
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