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Allie Emmons


Time Blocking – The Secret To “Doing it All”

It was a Wednesday morning and I was heading home, sweaty and hungry from my FIT4MOM workout, facing a to-do list the size of Mount Everest. My thoughts were spinning and I was starting...

What Is This Stain on My Shirt? – Cherishing the Toddler Years

We were almost done with his bedtime routine: my son's teeth were brushed, his truck pajamas were on, books had been read, and prayers were said. However, as I picked him up to put...

Can We Play? Parenting During a Pandemic

I have taken full advantage of any sunny and/or semi-warm day to go with my son to a public park near where we live. Because of pandemic shutdowns, we haven’t been able to go...

Sensory Play Ideas: Keep Your Kid Engaged and Learning Indoors

Right now, in the middle of winter and a pandemic, I'm sure we are all looking for ways to keep our kids engaged while indoors. One of the best ways that I have found...

Thyroid Awareness Month – The Importance of Listening to Your Body

January is National Thyroid Awareness Month, and recently, I found out what a crucial role the thyroid plays in your overall health and why it is essential to listen to your body. Several months after...

Moms Supporting Moms

Welcome to the club! When you become a mom, you enter into an exclusive club. Once you are a part of the club, other members can easily recognize you. We all get a “membership jacket”...which...
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