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Alicia Noneman


Awards and Recognition Season: How to Navigate as a Parent

It is that time of year again... awards and recognition season. The tradition that marks the end of another school year by recognizing a few for a job well done. With all the pomp...

How I Use My Pocketbook to Promote Change: The Conscious Consumer

I don't quite remember when I started to see my spending as power and an impetus for change. Maybe it was when I taught U.S. History and highlighted how the Montgomery Bus Boycotts were...

COVID-19 Gave Our Kids a 1980s Summer and How I Hope to Repeat It

One unexpected blessing of Covid-19 was that last summer looked a lot like the 1980s summer many of us had as kids- the summer of unstructured play.  It was the kind of summer we...

Our Communal Failure

January 6th, 2021, will be one of the defining days of our generation.  I have spent more time in the Capitol Building halls than most because I  spent a fall semester in college working...

The No Resolution New Year

Can we talk honestly about the last year?  To put it mildly, last year was a lot and 2021 is gearing up to look a lot like its younger sister 2020.  That’s why I...

Pinterest, My Enemy?

Pinterest. I have long wondered if the cost outweighs the benefit regarding this app and the thousands of ideas it brings to my phone screen (usually late at night when I should be asleep)....
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